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The Full Story

Our Foundation began with a very small idea, Like any other Social Welfare NGO working in the field we too wanted to make a difference in the world by reaching and touching as many lives as possible. 

As we made progress in the sector of Social Welfare with our sister NGO "Adityam Sewa Trust" we realized that the world is much too broken, people we want to help and serve are broken and need someone to be help them heal. So, here at Nivaran Foundation we decided to work for 'The Emotional welfare'.

And thus, began our journey.



"Life is too unpredictable, Waiting for a happy tomorrow we forget that the happy tomorrow we were always waiting for has been here in our today. So, ride the ups and down of life like a roller coaster and live in the moment. Live to make yourself happy. 

Komal Agrawal 


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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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